How well do you know Garfield?

Comics... their everywere. But this comic is a test. Show how well you know Garfield and become a Garfield master! No cheating you people who refer back to the book for information. NO! BAD!!!

So are YOU ready? You know you are! It consists of 12 puzziling questions. Take if your an amuture to a genius! But the most important rule is have fun!!! Are you a hero, or a zero?

Created by: comicboy72
  1. When was Garfield born?
  2. What was Garfield's last couple words in his first strip?
  3. When did Odie first appear?
  4. Odie was formerly owned by...
  5. Who is the worlds cutest kitten?
  6. Who is the creator of Garfield?
  7. What does Jons middle name start with?
  8. In the earlier strips, Garfield had ______ attacks.
  9. Garfield acts as a made up superhero. Who?
  10. The latest form of Garfield has how many stripes on his ears?
  11. Who did Jon refer to as "Jelly Belly"?
  12. What kind of dog is Odie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Garfield?