how well do you know gaara

hey there all you gaara loving fans.this quiz will test your knowlege and see how well you really do know gaara from naruto-magma books and T.V. so have fun and test your knowlege!!

hey there do you know gaara from T.V and naruto-magma books? well test your knowlege and try your luck at my quiz and dont get nad its only a quiz.( questions are asked by gaara too!!!)

Created by: amber

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  1. me:ok, lets get started, gaara will u start asking the questions? gaara: do i have to (death glare) me: yes gaara: ok who's my father?
  2. me: go on gaara:ok who is my sensi
  3. gaara: what does the sign on my forehead mean?
  4. gaara: who are my brother and sister?
  5. gaara: how was my uncle killed
  6. gaara: how old am i
  7. gaara: what jutsu do i use the most
  8. gaara:ok last question me: no you got a few more gaara: ok ok what kind of animal is the demon inside me
  9. gaara: what was i to the people of my village
  10. gaara: last question? me: last question gaara: ok what color is my hair

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Quiz topic: How well do I know gaara