How well do you know French?

I am going to write random stuff to take up space. Chees and pickles. Houses, trees, pickles, cheese. Smiley faces, and many other random things. Thank you for putting up with my rondomness.

Can you you speak French? Do you want to see how much youm know? You might be amazed! The reason I made this quiz is so I could inspire people to learn another langauge. Remember comment and rate! Have fun and good luck!

Created by: Lexi

  1. How do you say hello in French
  2. How do yo say goodbye?
  3. How do you say green in french
  4. How do you say flower?
  5. Have you taken a freench class? (Doesn't effecy you're quiz)
  6. How do you say awesome in french?
  7. Will you rate and comment?
  8. How do you say my name is?
  9. How do you say thank you?
  10. How do you say run?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know French?