How Well Do You Know Final Fantasy 13?

This is to see how well you know my favorite game, Final Fantasy Thirteen. How much do you know??? Are you an addict or a novice, find out...;):)').

Do you really know this game? Take the quiz to discover the truth. Will you ace or fail or be middled??? Good luck from me and focus, remember ml...

Created by: cody17

  1. Who is the main character of most of the games?
  2. Who was snow's fiancee?
  3. What is Sedan's last name?
  4. What is gods name on lightnings return?
  5. Who was Lightning's eidolon?
  6. On ff13 what is the world below named?
  7. Who helps serah on ff13-2?
  8. Where was Vanille from?
  9. Did Lightning like Snow at first?
  10. What group was Snow the leader of?

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