How well do you know Family Guy?

Do you think you can pass? How well do you know Family Guy? You may be smart, but maybe not Family Guy smart. Try, and see if YOU have what it takes!!

Do you ever wonder, "How well do I know Family Guy?" Well, you should take this quiz, then. My quiz will tell YOU how well you know it. This simple quiz, might be the small answer to your big question.(:

Created by: Alli
  1. Out of these, who is Peter's best friend?
  2. In the first episode of Family Guy, Season 6, what is the name? finish this sentence... And then there were....
  3. What is the name of the bar that Peter and his friends go to?
  4. How many people are in Peter's family?
  5. What is Peter and his family's last name?
  6. What is Lois Griffin's Maiden name?
  7. Which is not in Family Guy?
  8. What Street do the Griffin's live on?
  9. How many seasons are there of Family Guy?
  10. Who in the Griffin family says, "Im going to kill you"?
  11. How old is Meg?
  12. Who does Meg Griffin get bullied by in school?
  13. Who is Handicapped?
  14. Who is fat?
  15. Episode 10 of season 6, what is the name? Finish this sentence... "The hand that rocks the___"
  16. True or False, Lois has a heart attack?
  17. True or false, Lois dies in episode 1, season 6, Then There Were Fewer?
  18. Last Question, Who does die in The There Were Fewer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Family Guy?