How well do you know Fallout3? (the GTQ quiz user)

My name is Fallout3. (Not my real name, of course.) This quiz is designed to see if you really know me, or if you were just insanely bored enough to click on the quiz of an unknown GoToQuiz user with a weird username.

Do you really know me, Fallout3? Do you know my name, gender, age, or other things? You shouldn't, seeing as how I haven't written anything on this site about any of that. But whatever! Get on with the quiz!

Created by: Fallout3

  1. First off, what is my gender?
  2. How old am I?
  3. My birthday is on a very unique date. What date is this?
  4. My name is Andy, but it has an odd spelling. How is it spelled?
  5. I play what instrument?
  6. I do what sport?
  7. One of these I hate to do, the other I love. Which one do I love to do?
  8. I have __ sisters and __ brothers
  9. I have two pets. They're the same animal. They are...
  10. My favorite old rock band is...
  11. My eye color is...
  12. My hair color is...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fallout3? (the GTQ quiz user)