How well do you know Euqram ?

I have created this quiz for my 300th blog. Let us see how well you think you know me. Don't worry if you end up not knowing me well, I am a complicated person.

Do your best to answer the questions about me. This looks as though it could be fun and I hope that everyone who takes this quiz will post their results on my 300th blog.

Created by: marque
  1. Do I like to drink coffee?
  2. Do I smoke?
  3. How many children do I have?
  4. How many times have I been married?
  5. What do I do for a living?
  6. Where about in Pennsylvania do I live?
  7. What type of movies do I like?
  8. How many poems have I writen here in 360?
  9. How many animals do I live with?
  10. What do I blog about the most?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Euqram ?