How well do you know elmo?

Ok this is a quiz about Elmo, kinda obvious yes. I'm a not a big fan of Elmo, don't judge me. I made this quiz because I copyed it. So yeah Elmo is red and cool haha. Have fun taking this short and simple quiz.

I had some help making the answers and questions to this quiz but they are mentioned at the last question in this quiz. You know who you people are. Well what are you reading this for take my interesting short and simple quiz!

Created by: Finger
  1. What does elmo have as a pet?
  2. What color is Elmo's feet?
  3. What Instrument Does Elmo Play?
  4. What color is Elmos nose?
  5. What is Elmo's name?
  6. What is Elmo's goldfish named?
  7. True or False: Elmo is the newest character on Sesame Street?
  8. I'd like to thank codysimpsonluv as I copied her quiz. Thank you.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know elmo?