How well do you know Dovewing?

Test your knowledge on Dovewing! Do you as good as a sock? Or know her so well it’s creepy! Let’s find out!!! Sorry that might’ve sounded corny ;/ mrrow

Meow meow meow Lightning Jake Lilly Misty AnxietyXx Ghost I am a wildcraft player I NEED TO FIlL UP SPACE WHY MEEE Mrrowww why is it still not full!? Oh wait, now it is.

Created by: Wind _ Runner

  1. Is Dovey related to Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf?
  2. Who are her grandparents? Or grandcats. Whatever you call it.
  3. Who is her great uncle?
  4. Who are her love interests?
  5. Great grandparents!
  6. Who are her apprentices ?
  7. Mother, father, sister, mate , kits
  8. Clan .
  9. Bestfriend
  10. Who is she related to ?
  11. Who is her mentor?
  12. Is she part of the Three?
  13. Did she have a brother that didn’t make it as a kit?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dovewing?