Which Warrior cat she-cat are you ?

Ever wondered who you would be in the Warrior cats universe . I have 8 different answers for you so take this quiz to find out who you are . Are you ?

Sandstorm? Squirrelflight? Leafpool? Hollyleaf? Ivypool? Dovewing? Twigbranch? Maybe your even Violetshine ! Who are you ? I dunno , you dunno . Find out here !

Created by: Whitewhirl

  1. So let's get strait to the point. What colour is your pelt ?
  2. Eye colour ?
  3. What do your friend describe your best trait as being ?
  4. What is your favourite season ?
  5. What do you do in your spare time ?
  6. Where is your favourite place and time for hunting ?
  7. What do you want to be ?
  8. How long do you stay up ?
  9. How much do you love warrior cats ?
  10. So now you can find out your results !!!

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior cat she-cat am I ?