How well do you know Dork Diaries #2?

This is a quiz. A quiz about the second book in the Dork Diaries series. It will test you on your knowledge about this book- I can't tell you the exact title because its in the test...

Do YOU know lots about this book and want to prove it? Just take this quiz and we'll see how much you REALLY remembered. Don't forget to comment and rate!

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Who asks Nikki to the dance?
  2. What is the school dance called?
  3. What ugly, stinky costume does Mackenzie give Nikki?
  4. What costume set do Nikki, Chloe & Zoey wear to the dance?
  5. What holiday is celebrated in the book?
  6. True or false? Nikki tries to be in three places at once on Halloween night.
  7. What were the three places?
  8. Whats the actual title of the book?
  9. What did Mackenzie wear to the dance?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dork Diaries #2?