How Well Do You Know Dogs?

Are you a dog genius? Well take this quiz to find out. How Well Do you know man's best friend? Just take this quiz to find out. It is a little hard, but it will find out if you are a true dog genius.

Do you really know dogs? This quiz is only ten questions, but finds out if you really know your dogs. It is a little hard, but short. Just try it to see if you know your dogs well.

Created by: Lily
  1. What Dog Originated In China And Was Called The Chinese Lion Dog?
  2. Where Did The Beagle Originate?
  3. What Dog Is Called The Berner Sennenhund In German?
  4. What Is The Tallest Of All Dog Breeds?
  5. What Was The Norfolk Terrier First Called?
  6. What Breed Is Nicknamed The Butterfly Dog And The Squirrel Dog?
  7. Where Did The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Originate?
  8. Where Did The Akita Originate?
  9. What Breed Is Also Called The Slueth Hound And Originated In Belgium?
  10. Where Did The Dalmation Originate?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Dogs?