How well do you know Danny Phantom?

You don't know if you are truly amazing until you have taken this quiz. Seriously. Take it. It will rock your world. Seriously. Go. Take the quiz. Go. COmeon.

Danny Phantom is so awesome I love that show do you well maybe but take this quiz to find out remember your only cool if you have 100% like meeeeeeee and no cheating!!!!

Created by: Tessa
  1. Who is Sam?
  2. Who is Tucker?
  3. Danny's human last name is...
  4. How many seasons are there?
  5. Which enemy ghost appears in the first episode ever?
  6. Sam is a vegitarian
  7. How did Danny get his ghost powers?
  8. At the beginning of the show did Danny have the D sign on his costume-thing?
  9. Okay so Ember has been mentioned a lott. Who is she?
  10. Danny has a sister. [[you:cereal?idc]] What's her name?
  11. Is Dannys sister older or younger than him?
  12. What is Tucker obsessed with?
  13. Who is the school bully at Danny's school?
  14. How old is Danny?
  15. Who is Paulina?
  16. Dannys parents are named:
  17. I think this is way too many questions.... how many should I have left?
  18. The first word in the theme song is:
  19. Dannys "cousins" name is:
  20. Okay the quiz is over.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Danny Phantom?