How well do you know Club Penguin?

There are many people that know about Club Penguin, but few that know heap loads about it. What is a person that knows about Club Penguin? A person that knows about Club Penguin knows all about the rooms, the penguins, and the special features. Think you can score well? We'll see.

Are YOU a genius of Club Penguin? Do you have the brain power about Club Penguin to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder how much you know about Club Penguin. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: pieisreallygood456
  1. What is the name of the famous pirate in Club Penguin?
  2. What is the name of the famous moderator in Club Penguin?
  3. What are the names of the three buildings in the Plaza?
  4. When did Club Penguin first come out?
  5. What was the name of Club Penguin before it became Club Penguin?
  6. When you are a member, what can you get that nonmembers can't get?
  7. How many missions are there?
  8. What color is Aunt Arctic?
  9. What room can you access from a speaker at the Night Club?
  10. Where does the famous pirate park his ship?
  11. What is the name of the famous pirate's ship?
  12. How do you tip the iceberg?
  13. Where is the Dojo hidden?
  14. What is the name of the famous pirate's puffle, and what color is it?
  15. What is the newest color that penguins can get?
  16. What is the name of the famous inventor?
  17. How many buddies can a penguin have?
  18. Can nonmembers have buddies?
  19. True or False: Aunt Arctic works for the newspaper.
  20. True or false: You can adopt turtles at the pet shop.
  21. True or false: There is a snowglobe and gingerbread house igloo.
  22. True or false: The famous inventor works at the Pizza Parlor.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Club Penguin?