How Well Do You Know Club Penguin?

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Hey! And Welcome to my amazing and FUN! Club Penguin Knowledge Quiz Game. You May Not Get A Perfect Score But Can Try To! And Make Sure To PLAY Club Penguin!!!

Do you know how many different puffles are throughout Club Penguin? A lot!!! There are Ghost Puffles, Frost Bites, and Even Dinosaur Puffles. So Come Play My Amazing Club Penguin Quiz!

Created by: Eddie of club penguin quiz
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  1. When Did Club Penguin First Open?
  2. Which of These Club Penguin Pins Are Fake?
  3. How Many Different Puffles Are In Club Penguin? (That You Can Own!)
  4. Which of These Is Not An Item In Club Penguin?
  5. Which Is Not a Party In Club Penguin?
  6. Which is Not a Puffle Color?
  7. When Did Club Penguin Rewritten Come Out?
  8. How Can You Beat an Opponent In Card-Jitsu? (2 Right Answers)
  9. Do You Enjoy Club Penguin??
  10. Last Question, When Did You Join Club Penguin?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Club Penguin?