How well do you know Christian Lee?

Christian knows a lot of people. He's got friends all over the globe: Manila, Seoul, NYC, LA, Philly, Shanghai. But how many people really know him? Take this quiz to discover just how much you really know about "DAROCK"!

"I know Christian!" "Christian's my friend!" Many people have loosely made this claim but how well do you really know Christian? Are you willing to put your knowledge of Christian to the test? Take this lab tested quiz to find out your score!

Created by: Christian Lee

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  1. Where was Christian born?
  2. Where did Christian grow up?
  3. What was the name of the elementary school Christian attended?
  4. Which of the following songs makes Christian the most excited to be on the dance floor?
  5. What was the ethnicity of Christian's first girlfriend in 8th grade?
  6. What song was playing in the background when Christian had his first kiss?
  7. What view of election does Christian have?
  8. What is Christian's Korean name?
  9. If Christian had to select from the following beverages, which one would he choose?
  10. How severe is Christian's lactose intolerance?
  11. How many pull ups can Christian do?
  12. When you hand Christian someone else's baby, he...
  13. Christian likes to joke that he has narcolepsy.
  14. What church does Christian delight to worship the Lord in?
  15. If Christian is evangelizing to a stranger, he will probably present the following (in this order):

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Christian Lee?