How well do you know big bang theory

i love big bang theory and so do others so i made it for all the people who love it and will take it truthfully so live long and prosper my friends as Sheldon does.

are you a genius and have what it takes to be a Jedi to belong with Captain Kirk and friends big bang theory wants to know so take a risk and take it i won't spit in your food unless your name is Sheldon.

Created by: Acme girl bowler
  1. Who is in love with their spot?
  2. Who is a smart mouth?
  3. who wispers to who?
  4. who hates Aquaman and Scooter
  5. who is kurt
  6. who marries Howard?
  7. who cleans Penny's apartment
  8. who runs the comic book store?
  9. how does the flash knock?
  10. who's mom has them tested?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know big bang theory