How Well Do You Know Ben 10

Are you a worthy sidekick of Ben Tennysen. You can find out now. You look like a Ben 10 genius, maybe you are. I created this quiz to find more Ben ten lovers like me this quiz has questions from Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force?

So if you think you are a omintrix worthy person take this quiz and find out more. This quiz is fairly easy but it does have some tricks. So you might want to brush up your skills first.

Created by: zach ward
  1. How old are Ben and Gwen in the original set of Ben 10?
  2. Which alien can throw fire bolts?
  3. What does Gwen learn in the third season of the original set?
  4. What is the design of grandpa Max's shirt?
  5. What is the smallest alien?
  6. Who are the plumbers?
  7. Who is Ben's strongest alien in the original series?
  8. Which alien needs to stay wet?
  9. Which alien can shoot a laser beam and morph around technology in the original series?
  10. What is the name of the watch on Ben's wrist?
  11. Who does Kevin like?
  12. How high can Humungasaur grow?
  13. Who controls ice?
  14. Which person likes spicy foods?
  15. Who is Ben and Gwen's cousin?
  16. How old are Ben and Gwen in the alien force series?

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