How well do you know Baby Alex?

Alex has quite the following. Of this posse, there are her hardcore followers--those who love her every move--and then there are those who merely pose as true fans.

So the question is: which are you? Are you as involved in Baby Alex's life as you think you are? Check out this super quiz to find out if you can really call yourself a fan!

Created by: Mandy of this site
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  1. On what date was Baby Alex born?
  2. All of the following foods have been very well liked by Alex at one point except which one?
  3. Alex's middle name was...
  4. Alex has a potty of her very own. Which of the following groups of details about her potty life are correct?
  5. Each of the words listed below are in Alex's verbal vocabulary except which one?
  6. Princess Alex insists on watching her favorite video, _____ , every day.
  7. What is Alex's eye color?
  8. When did Baby Alex start walking without help?
  9. When the kid is naked, she...
  10. Alex is expecting a new addition to the family. Who is it?
  11. All but one of the following are books that belong to Baby Alex. Which one does she not have?
  12. Sometimes Alex communicates with her hands. Which statement is true?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Baby Alex?