How well do you know Avengers?

Some people go to college... some people get degrees... but few people are true geniuses. This test will determine if you have real intelligence!!!!!!!!

There are many geniuses in the world. But few can pass this quiz. Do you think you have the power and intelligence to pass the test? Some will pass some will fail!!

Created by: Isabella Theresa Santiago
  1. Which Superhero broke the Bifrost?
  2. Which Superhero got their Superpower's from a lab experiment?
  3. Which Superhero got bit by a radioactive spider?
  4. Which Avenger has a Medal Heart in the middle of his chest?
  5. Pym Particles cause whose suit to shrink?
  6. which Avenger can shoot lazers out of their fists?
  7. Which Avenger says "Wakanda Forever"?
  8. Which of the Following Avengers from the comics are not in the movie?
  9. When Loki is locked up in the S.H.i.E.l.D. helicarrier, who gets him to reveal that he is planning to get Banner to change into Hulk and Destroy the ship from within?
  10. In one of the Final scenes of the film, Pepper and Tony are standing on a section of Stark Tower that has been destroyed holding blueprints for something. As they are standing, the camera pans out so the audience can see more of Stark Tower and only one Letter from STARK is left. which letter is it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avengers?