which famous avenger you are ?

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this quiz will tell you about whic avenger you could be - iron man , captain america , thor ,star lord , black widow , captain marvel , scarlet witch or ant-man

you can check my amv channel on youtube which is self centered on marvel edits ; they are not that level 100 types but they are quite enjoyable and you could also suggest me on instagram

Created by: aditya quil of my yt channel
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  1. what is your gender
  2. what do you care about ?
  3. what is your priority ?
  4. which infinity stone tempts you the most ?
  5. if you had a job , what would it be ?
  6. do you believe in teamwork or solo force ?
  7. *siaution based* loki has the tesseract and scepter and he is attacking new york with frost giants . what would you do ?
  8. *siaution based*ronan has the power stone , how will you stop him ?
  9. what is your basic nature ?
  10. you need a sub group to work under you ,which will be they ?
  11. *last question* where will you live ?

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