How Well Do You Know Avatar The Last Airbender

This a quiz of the hit tv show on Nicktoons Avatar the last airbender. The questions in this quiz are quit simple like who are the characters and other stuff.

In this quiz you well find out how well you know Avatar the last airbender. Questions are easy like who are the characters and quqstions on the episodes.

Created by: Thomas

  1. Aang is a
  2. Katara is a
  3. Sokka is a
  4. Aang has two pets wich are
  5. Sokka fall in loved with who at the north pole
  6. Katara saw who in the swamp
  7. Who is Aang's earthdending teacher
  8. Who killed the Moon Spirit
  9. Who did toph fight in the Earth Rumple 6 arena
  10. What is the name of the group Uncle Iroh is in
  11. Who did Zuko and Katara Fight
  12. Did Aang kill the FireLord

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Avatar The Last Airbender