How well do you know Asking Alexandria?

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Asking Alexandria is an English band. I don't like the newer stuff that they make, It sounds like some 1980's heavy metal ballad. I miss the singer's old voice, I believe it changed due to drug use.

I really don't know what to type in these starting paragraphs. So I'm just going to say that this band is awesome. I have nothing left to say, So I'm going to do another quiz like this, but a different band

Created by: the_nerdist

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  1. Where was the band originally formed?
  2. Which person is the only remaining member from when AA first formed?
  3. Who is the main singer?
  4. What genre is Asking Alexandria?
  5. Which is not a song by AA?
  6. Which is a song by them?
  7. What happened to Danny Worsnop while he was performing the "outbreak tour"
  8. Despite the torn vocal cord, what did he do?
  9. What is Asking Alexandria's first album?
  10. What was the first single with their new singer called?
  11. Which warped tours did Asking Alexandria play on?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Asking Alexandria?