How well do you know anime (Part One)?

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Anime is basically animations made from Japanese-based artwork. It is a pretty booming business and is quite popular in many parts of this beautiful world.

So how much do you know about anime? It's not just big boobs and huge eyes, so what else is there to it? Find out how much you really know with this quiz.

Created by: Mia is LOUD

  1. The popular phrase "Yes, my lord", originates from:
  2. In what anime is a main character known to the public as 'Kira'?
  3. In the anime 'Soul Eater' there is a character who is the son of Death. His name is:
  4. In what anime are countries personified as stereotypical people?
  5. In 'D. Grayman', the main characters search for:
  6. In 'Mushi-Shi', the mysterious creatures that form the basis of each episode are called:
  7. Finish the sentence: "Edward Elric hates _____."
  8. Yaoi is:
  9. Yuri is:
  10. Hentai is:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know anime (Part One)?