How well do you know anime(DBZ,Naruto,Pokemon)

Animes:Pokemon,DBZ and Naruto,do you think you know it all? well you can find out in this super special awesome quiz,it will test your knowledge,don't worry if you fail

Don't worry if you fail this quiz,no big,it is about animes pokemon,dragon ball z and naruto,try your best and good luck reaching to the end,it's quite easy

Created by: Tomica44
  1. First,DBZ:What character has made a debut in bettwen Baby saga and Buu saga
  2. Vegeta and Goku,rivals or foes?
  3. Did Vegeta ever accept Goku as Goku's name?
  4. How did Goku turn super saiyan
  5. Now,Naruto:What jutsu did Jiraiya teach Naruto during the chunin exam
  6. out of following,which food does Shizune hate
  7. What does Shikamaru often say
  8. And finally,Pokemon:Suddowuddo looks like a tree pokemon,but he is...
  9. Did pikachu ever have a chance to evolve into raichu?
  10. How many unofficial gyms does kanto have?
  11. What are all the main characters

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Quiz topic: How well do I know anime(DBZ,Naruto,Pokemon)