How Well do You Know Animal Jam?

From whether or not spikes are rare, to lands being remodeled, this quiz will test your knowledge about Animal Jam and put your brain straight at its breaking point! Few people can recall the glitched rings, beta arctic hoods, or even headdresses! Are you one of those clever few?

How well do YOU know Animal Jam? Are you beta enough to qualify for this title of Animal Jam genius? Or are you more on the side of a New Jammer, and perhaps need a little push to set you straight with your history and facts on this highly successful game?

Created by: Burrfrost

  1. What year did Animal Jam release its Beta Testing period?
  2. When did the Beta Testing end?
  3. Which of these items is beta?
  4. Which of these items is the rarest?
  5. What is the least rarest item on this list?
  6. Why were Skullys removed from Animal Jam?
  7. Which one of these items has a beta variant?
  8. What are Magenta Furries?
  9. Who is the CEO of Animal Jam?
  10. What is the mobile app for Animal Jam called?
  11. What parties are no longer available as of 2015?
  12. Which land was remodeled the most drastically?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Animal Jam?