How well do you know American Girl dolls?

An American girl is a girls BFF they will be your friend forever and tell you to keep going they will love you forever and be with you threw thick and thin

Do you know American girl dolls?I hope you do?if you don't then you should take a hike.I love dolls and I hope you do got to go bye every body I loved making this

Created by: Zoey
  1. Who is the 2017 girl of the year
  2. What is the first real boy dolls name?
  3. Which is an American girls name?
  4. Which is not an American girls name?
  5. Where did Molly originally come from?
  6. What are Isabelle's 2 favorite things to do?
  7. What are Gabriellla's 3 favorite things to do?
  8. Is there American girls without hair?
  9. Do American girl dolls come with accessories or a book?
  10. Did Mattel ever own American girl?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know American Girl dolls?