How well do you know american girl.

There are many smart dolls but what about people? Are you one of them of the smart American girl fans. Well try this quiz to find out. It has a few answers.

Are you an American Girl genius? Well do you know the answers to these questions? Have you ever tryed to think if those before well get to it its waiting.

Created by: jojo
  1. How many beforever characters are there. (not archived).
  2. What time range is between the beforever characters?
  3. How many girl of the year dolls are there?
  4. How many dolls are there? (not archived). (not truly me)
  5. When did they start truly me?
  6. What dolls have brown hair. (beforever)
  7. What doll lives in the 1950s?
  8. What doll has been un archived in 2014?
  9. What dolls have been archived?
  10. What does American girl have in the magazine?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know american girl.