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  • Hi, thanks for this quiz cause am an african teenager Nigerian to be precise and this quiz made me know that at least some americans care to know about africa

    alexandra331 Sep 12 '15, 7:49AM
  • That was really a waste of my time.i answered only one question and skipped the rest,yet i got 32%.weird

    irene nachie Oct 19 '14, 1:04AM
  • BULLs---! And that's not how you spell Bloemfontein

    Lola_Rose Jun 18 '12, 7:27AM
  • 75% cool!
    I only knew the capitals of all the countries and the geographical questions.

    Wooden Bridge Jun 29 '11, 7:35AM
  • lol im in fifth grade and i got an 80 some thing i just forgot lol! but thats cool i guess lol!!!!

    mattkittykat Feb 9 '11, 12:22PM
  • Wow i need 2 get a lil more clued in about my home continent. I guess not really caring about the news has its down side=

    Mbujypooh Oct 8 '10, 11:10AM
  • Nice quiz,but where are the answers?

    afvent Jun 18 '10, 6:33AM

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