how well do you know about we bare bears

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We bare bear's is a very good show . It's very interesting . Many people watch it . The main characters are grizzly(brown bear), panda(black and white) and ice bear(polar bear)

This is one of the hardest we bare bear quiz it is based on small things so only the best observer (and me) can get 100% in this quiz . Try it once .

Created by: Soumik Dutta

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  1. What is the Internet video contest named in this show
  2. What is grizz's (the brown bear) age as a man
  3. Who is ice bear's care taker when he was a child
  4. With what panda is obsessed
  5. What is the chicken shown here named
  6. Is panda's eyesight damaged
  7. Which allergy panda has
  8. What does panda likes to eat
  9. Which food ice bear eats a lot
  10. What does Charlie like to eat

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about we bare bears