How well do you know about the U.S.A?

Some people think they know alot about the U.S.A.some might guess...WRONG!these quiestions might be hard,Only people that live in the U.S.A can play this quiz..sorry other people that don't live in the U.S.A:(

How well do you KNOW about the U.S.A?Do you think that you could be president?Who was the first president?who was the 16th president?Well don't just stand there,take my quiz,it's really short.enjoy!

Created by: Kiki

  1. What was the very first state made my the king?
  2. Why did the king name Maryland Maryland?(MARA*LAND)or(MARY*LAND)
  3. True or False?One of the wars were in Valley Forge.
  4. True or False?George Washigton was the 16th president.
  5. True or False?There are fithty states.
  6. Who was the 16th president?
  7. Who was the first president?
  8. Is Philidelphia the bigest city in Pennsylvania?
  9. What color did the fighters of the war wear?
  10. (Certian,likely,unlikeyly,or impossible)It will rain in Texas.
  11. Delaware will be soon away from the equator.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about the U.S.A?