Are you a glutton?

This is a quiz to tell you if you are a glutton. Many people who eat alot but only some can truly be called real gluttons. Gluttony is a way of life and only some people can actually live that life

Well if you want to find out if you can live that take this test. Now I'm just going to blabber on because I have to write 150 letters and I don't what to write.

Created by: juanita
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  1. Do you normally order seconds, thirds or forths?
  2. When you eat do you sometimes need to unbutton or unzip your pants?
  3. Out of these foods which are your favorites?
  4. Do your shirts have trouble covering your belly-section?
  5. Do your clothes "shrink" in the wash sometimes?
  6. Can you see your toes? Standing!
  7. What is your favorite Holdiay?
  8. When do you stop eating?
  9. When do you normally eat?
  10. Are you eating right now?

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Quiz topic: Am I a glutton?