How well do you know about Naruto characters

Naruo is a world-wide famous cartoon and only few knows it by heart. I bet you know it by heart that's why you taking this quiz right? Give it a try. It can't be hard.

Are you a genius when it comes to Naruto? Do you know as much as possible to ace this quiz? Put your brain power to the test and prove that you are the ultimate master when it comes to Naruto characters.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. What are Naruto's parents names?
  2. Kakashi Hatake is known as what ninja?
  3. Where does kakashi get his sharingan from?
  4. Sasuke's first kiss was?
  5. Naruto,Sasuke and Saukra gets assigned to team what?
  6. Who was the Nine-Tails jinchuriki before Naruto?
  7. The Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails is?
  8. After Sasuke leaves ,who joins in his place?
  9. Who taught Naruto how to make a Rasengan
  10. Who is Kakashi's rival?
  11. In the Chuunin Exams the Sand Village destroys the Hidden Leaf Village, what village helped destroy the hidden leaf village
  12. Mei is the Mizukage of what Village?
  13. How many Kekkei-Genkkei's does the Mizukage have?
  14. The first Hokage is from what clan?
  15. Stunade's lover's name was?
  16. What is the name of Garra's bijuu?
  17. Kurenai is a specialist in?
  18. Guy's a specialist in?
  19. The Jinchuuriki who uses boubles,what is his name?
  20. Who created the Atatsuki?
  21. Who kills Hidan?
  22. In the Akatsuki, Itachi has a Partner , who is he?
  23. What hokage uses Wood-style
  24. Who's a former member of the akatsuki?
  25. Hinata Hygha is teamed with?
  26. Pein uses the....
  27. Who is the first to die in the Akatsuki?
  28. What Bijuu didn't have a host when shizune,Hinata,Sakura and Ino tried to seal it?
  29. Is Killer Bee the Raikage's biological brother?
  30. Who is the Mizukage's aid?
  31. Does Ibiki have an older brother?
  32. Who's a former member of the ninja black-ops?
  33. Who was Anko Midarashi's first sensei?
  34. Which name does not belong to the Seven Swordsmen?
  35. Final Question: When Kakshi was young ,his friend Obito died. What was Obito's last wish?

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