How well do you know about being a pastry chef?

There are many different career choices to make out there,but do you know if your making the right one? Well, take this quiz and you will find out if being a pastry chef is the right career for you.

Are you confused about what job you want? Or if you have a job do you wish you had a different job? Well, I can't tell you what job careers match you, but I can tell you if you would be a good pastry chef.

Created by: Olivia

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  1. What can you use instead of frosting?
  2. If you have a cake with fondant and you are delivery it by car what would most likely happen?
  3. Can you use fondant to make sculptures and little figures?
  4. What is one use for gum paste?
  5. What odes gum paste feel like
  6. What is the correct way to say a cake with 6 layers
  7. What is the name of a really good cake-making show on food network?
  8. Do you want to be a pastry chef when you grow up?
  9. On the cake show in question 7 what is the head chefs name?
  10. How many cakes have you made?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about being a pastry chef?