How well do u know twilight (easy)

Hi welcome to my quiz to see how well you know twilight and I don't know what to do on this paragraphs so I'm just going to do anything hi bye what's your name there now.

Just what I said on the first paragraph I'm gonna go to bed soon its 2:30 at night and I'm scared because I'm alone in my room heard a noise calling my mommy.

Created by: Noah

  1. What colour is Seth?
  2. What's the name of the main characters? (2 main characters)
  3. Who's all the werewolfs that dies in the vison battle (breaking dawn part 2)
  4. Who gets seriously ingured in th first movie
  5. Who gets there head ripped off by Sam (part of the voltery idk how to spell but the bad guys anyways)
  6. Who does Bella kiss in new moon (besides Edward)
  7. In breaking dawn part 1 who dies?
  8. Who runs faster the werewolfs or the vampires?
  9. What's Bella's dads name?
  10. Are you liking this quiz?
  11. Last question which werewolf dies by falling in the crack (vison battle breaking dawn part 2)

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