how well do u know the show the mandalorian

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hi,this is a quiz that will be about the mandalorian!there r ten questions.U can check out some of my other quizes if u want and hopefully u get a good score on this quiz!

here is a random joke "knock knock""who's there?""boo""boo who?""u did not have to cry about it its just a joke!"ty u for taking my quiz and i hope u enjoy!

Created by: Eleanor

  1. what is the mandalorians armor made of?
  2. what is the name of baby yoda?
  3. what item did the mandalorian take from the mudhorn?
  4. what color light saber did the girl jedi have?
  5. can the mandalorians take off there helmets in front of people?
  6. what was the mandalorians ship called?
  7. how old was baby yoda?
  8. what was the name of the droid the mandalorian started to like?
  9. what was the name of the jedi who took baby yoda in the end?
  10. thank u for taking my quiz!bye!

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