How well do u know my bunny?

My bunny, so cute i can barely resist. shes perfect in every way and has cute paws. by the way im ignoring the 150 charaters rule! My bunny rocks! she has just finished eating my new bed sheets

Do you abosolutely adore my bunny? Do you know everything about her? i do! and u should test yourself too! I loe every bit of her and wat her to live a long happy life!

Created by: bunniesrule

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  1. What is the name of my bunny?
  2. What color is my bunny?
  3. What breed is my bunny?
  4. How old is my bunny?
  5. Where did I get my bunny?
  6. What genre is my bunny?
  7. How many siblings does my bunny have?
  8. Is my bunny the cutest thing on the planet?
  9. Where does my bunny have birthmark?
  10. If i send u a photo of my bunny will stare at it for hours and adore it?

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