how well do u know minecraft?

There are many people out there who are geniuses at minecraft and keep ow so much.They can probably beet this quiz and come out a minecraft know it all

My question for you is, are u a minecraft genius? Try this quiz to see if you are. You can even try too beet your friends with this fun minecraft quiz, so go ahead and click this quiz

Created by: Sarah
  1. How awesome is minecraft
  2. Who is herobrine
  3. When u light TNT with flint and steel what happens
  4. Are creepers bad
  5. What is your age
  6. What device to u play it on
  7. Boy or girl
  8. How long have u been playing minecraft
  9. What is the main goal of minecraft
  10. Did u enjoy this quiz?
  11. Was this usefull

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