how well do u know High School Musical?

"There are some people who are movie buffs. There are some people who don't like movies at all. This quiz is to see how much you know about High School Musical. If you think you know alot about HSM take this quiz!!"

"Are you a high school musical FANATIC?? do u think your a high school musical genius?? Have you been wondering?? well now in a few minutes you will find out take the quiz have fun!!"

Created by: karlee

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  1. who does zac efron play in the movie??
  2. where does the movie take place??
  3. when do gabriella and troy meet??
  4. whats the last song in the movie?????? ( this is so easy)
  5. what date was the movie released????
  6. did high school musical win an emmy award??
  7. who said "i smell a rat named darbus"
  8. what is their school mascot??
  9. who wrote the movie??
  10. last question (its about high school musical 2) whats the first song called??

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