How well do u know Fall Out Boy lyrics?

There are lots of Fall Out Boy songs out there. here are a few, this quiz is easy, i know but this is my first test quiz so dont judge me(look up more of my quizes, how dirty minded r u and what king of ramdom r u,or my new one what spongebob character r u? too!

Do YOU know fall out boy? have you memorized their song lyrics? well find out now! I hope you enjoy this test! even though i didn't spend a whole lot of time on it so...yeah.

Created by: Hailey
  1. I served out my detention, and in the end i got an_________
  2. it' sall a game of this or______,now verses then, better off against worst or_______...
  3. were goin' down, down in a earlier ______ and sugar, we're goin down _______...
  4. (what's this song called?) We only want to sing you to sleep your bedroom speakers woa woa we need umbrellas...
  5. it was _______headache and sweet avalache, when the_______in our shells got up to dance...
  6. Thanks for the ___________ even though they weren't so_________...(this ones easy!!!)
  7. he stands alone because he's_______ himself
  8. cuz your just a _____ all the _____ want to dance with
  9. and i know you dressed up, ___________________
  10. (what song is this??) Keep quiet nothing come a easy as you can i lay in your bed all day i'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake
  11. _________ we're falling apart to half time
  12. We do it in the dark, with______ on our faces, we're _______and well concealed, in secret places...

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