How well do know the hunger games.

This quiz is about how much you know about the hunger games.It will take your brain and it’s ok if you get some wrong these questions are hard.and if you get them all right.Wow.

Are you reddy???????well let’s go and take my first ever quiz that I so happy you clicked on this there might be some spelling arrows.

Created by: Jasper

  1. What carrier district gets killed first in the 74 games.
  2. Who killed clove die.
  3. Who killed brutes in the 75 games.
  4. One victor died in the 3 movie.witch one.
  5. Who killed Mitchell in the the 3rd movie.
  6. What hunger games did Finnick win.
  7. Who killed fox face.
  8. What are the carrier districts.
  9. Did castor die
  10. How many districts did Panem start out with.
  11. Who did Katniss meet in the cloth store.
  12. What did peta do to show the gamemakers in the 2 book.
  13. Who killed coin
  14. Why did ****** kill clove
  15. Who wrote the hunger games books.
  16. Why does Snow smell like blood.
  17. Who killed Snow.
  18. Who is the worst actor in the 3rd movie
  19. What is the block
  20. What Is night lock.
  21. What is katniss’s stylist
  22. Who is peta’s stylist.
  23. Who is pollux’s brother.

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