How well did you do today?

This is a simple quiz. Nothing more than a summary of your day. An overview. A series of simple questions you should be asking yourself, but in case you aren't, I am, because I care.

So, here are the rules. Just read through and answer 100% honestly. This isn't a graded test. This is just a look at your day. Answers were limited to 8, so if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, pick the closest/MOST accurate one. I tried to make some general enough.

Created by: RhythmRose
  1. What time did you get up at?
  2. What was for breakfast?
  3. How did you feel this morning?
  4. What was most notable about your morning?
  5. How was lunch?
  6. How did you feel this afternoon?
  7. What was most notable about your afternoon?
  8. How was dinner?
  9. How was your evening?
  10. Did you smile today?
  11. Did you laugh today?
  12. Did you cry today? Be honest, I don't judge.
  13. What was your overall mood for the day?
  14. What was was the highlight of your day?
  15. What was your low point of the day?
  16. Are you proud of yourself today?

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