How weird are you?

Yes you could be weird but you also cannot be weird.It is a fact that there are weird persons in the world it can't be helpped but how weird can YOU get.ARE YOU WEIRD OR NOT

Are you weird or not weird that is the question.This quiz has questions to find out if you are a weirdo.ARE YOU READY TO FIND YOUR ANSWER IT ONLY LIES AHEAD NOW...BEGIN!!!

Created by: Slayerbrine
  1. Do you pick your nose
  2. Would you run around your house naked
  3. Do you play with food
  4. Do you like donald trump
  5. Would you date me
  6. Have you plotted to kill me
  7. Did you eat food off the ground
  8. Do you love a weirdo
  9. Are you gonna rate,like,comment
  10. The end

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Quiz topic: How weird am I?