How We All Came To Be chapter 2

WARNING- If you don't like BTR, don't take this and bring me down. There's no reason to do that. After James and Kendall get married, they decide to have kids. Well, adopt kids but, will the two kids that they adopt be too much to handle?

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR. If I did. We'd be the best of friends and go on slumber parties while singing the slumber party song. (Long story.) Bye!!

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  1. I held onto James tightly as we stepped into the building. The air conditioning splashed me in the face, and I got really bad chills. "Are you cold?" James asked, looking down at me. I nodded. James took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders. "Thanks Jamie." I smiled, timidly.
  2. "Kendy?" James asked with a small smile. "Hm?" I turned to him. "Why are you so cute?" he asked, his Hazel eyes sparkling. "Why are you so sweet?" I asked in return. James blushed when I said that. "I'm sweet?" his smile became wider. "Like sugar." I touched his nose. "Oh. Heeheehee.." he giggled. "Oh, don't do that, it makes you look like a teenager." I nagged. "Sorry. Haha.." James started to fiddle with his hands a little. We stop at the front desk. "How may I help you?" the man wearing really tight pants asked, not looking up from his computer. "Erm. We're gonna have a uh.. Uhm.. Meeting with uh..." James nudged my side. "Alyssa Supurtush." I whispered. James started giggle uncontrollably. "James, please grow up.." I said.
  3. "Alyssa Supurtush? She's right in her office." the guy at the computer pointed around the back. "Thank you!" I smiled and tugged on James's arm to signal that we had to start walk. I felt James's arm go around my waist tightly. His lips touched my skin lightly. "Hey. Guess what?" James smiled, and pressed another light kiss to my cheek. I giggled. "What?" I looked up at him. "I love you." James blushed a little and smiled slyly. I giggled again. "Guess what?" I asked. "What?" that small smile returned. "I love you to." I giggled again. "Aww, my giggly lover." James held me tighter. I blushed and looked down. James opened a door for me and I walked through it. "Hi, my name is Alyssa, please take a seat." she gestured towards the purple chairs. "I'm James, Kendall" James pointed at me. "You're hot." Alyssa said. "Yes, that is very true, but, the only one for me is the blonde one next to me." James kissed my cheek. "Yeah, So back off!" I said, trying to act tough. "Baby, calm down." James patted my head. I blushed. "Sorry." I apologized. "It's fine." James turned to that whore, Alyssa. "Now, um.. Um.. Have you noticed that your last name." James stopped and snickered. "Is really.. Teehee... Funny." James burst out laughing. "Oh, God... This is just to funny.. I'm sorry." he cleared his throat. "Now, anyways..." he tried to mature a little. "Right, so you wanted to adopt?" Alyssa started going through a filing cabinet. "Yeah." I felt a hand hold mine. I looked up at James and smiled.
  4. "Well, based on you guys' age, you look like you want a young one." Alyssa said. I shrugged. "Sure." I said. "Whatever. Come with me." Se lead us to a room of which was filled with little kids. All were sleeping except one. He wasn't wearing clothes and he was crawling. "A[no urls] This one is so cute!" James cooed and picked up the one that was crawling. "And he has such a perfect skin tone. "I don't know.. That one is really rowdy." Alyssa muttered under her breath. "so? I want a challenge." James shrugged. "Kendy, do you like him?" James asked, still cooing over the tanned skinned baby. The baby boy suddenly shrieked with a laugh. "Aww, I Like him to." I said as I smiled. The boy made a pfft sound as spit dripped down his chin. I wiped the saliva from his body. "Oh your cute.." I smiled again. "We want this one. No doubt." James smiled. "Ok, come with me to sign some papers." Alyssa said, mildly surprised. James held the little boy very close. "You're coming home with us!" James kissed his cheek. "What are we gonna name him?" I asked. We both thought about it while we signed papers. As we opened the door to leave. It hit us. We said at the same time: "Godofredo"
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