How We All Came To Be

WARNING- If you don't like BTR, don't take this and bring me down. There's no reason to do that. After James and Kendall get married, they decide to have kids. Well, adopt kids but, will the two kids that they adopt be too much to handle?

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR. If I did. We'd be the best of friends and go on slumber parties while singing the slumber party song. (Long story.) Bye!!

Created by: Ashl3y

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  1. I hate you So much, were the five words that started us. James told me he hated me and I told him I loved him and then he kissed me. Then later on, we got married and deicded to have a kid, but we are both dudes.. So we had a problem. But then for once, James had a good idea, and said: "Why don't we adopt?" So that's what we were going to do. "We should get a kid who can play the guitar." James said. "Why does it matter?" I asked, looking up from the road. "Keep your eyes on the road." James said, pulling out a comb. "And it doesn't. I just think it would be... You know.. Nice." "Whatever." I said, looking down. "Keep your eyes on the f---ing road Kendall!" James barked. "I don't wanna die." "I'm sorry!" I yelled back. A small smile formed onto my face. "Do you take pleasure in yelling at me?" James gave me a long hard glare. "Yes, I take great pleasure." I said.
  2. "Well that's good!" James said. "Why?" "You're sexy when you yell!" "Oh." I said quietly with a smile. "I know that smile." James took my free hand and squeezed it. He grabbed me by my collar and kissed me. My hand went to his cheek. Suddenly I heard a car horn. "Kendall!" James yelled. "I'm sorry.." I said, blushing terribly. "Hey, that was my fault." James flashed me a smile. I smile back at him. Then I slap his arm as hard as I could. "That was your fault." I said. James held onto his arm. "Hey... That hurt." he whimpered. "Turn left at the next exit." "Ok." I turned left. "Not that exit!" "What the f---? There wasn't another exit!" James laughed a little. "Sorry, I was just pulling your leg." "Shuddup." I muttered, blushing even more. "It's the happy looking building right there." James said. I turned into the parking lot.
  3. "Don't even tell me, It's the wrong building." "Oh calm down, and stop being such a- KENDALL STOP!" I slammed the breaks to find us 1 inch from the building. I gave a guilty smile. "I'm driving home." James said and slammed the car door shut. "James.." I turned off the car and tried to get out. "James help me! I'm stuck!" My door opened and James clicked my seat belt off. "You need me so much.." he picked me up and gently set me on the ground. "Yes I do." I said and kissed his cheek. "Let's go." James took my hand and lead me inside.
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