how to tell if a boy likes you!!

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love is an amazeing thaing and why because two people are in a position to were they are in love what dse loe mean it means that two people join togeather and in an extroordinariy way

do you have what it takes to concer the love quiz i call myself the love docter why because when you need adviece i am there to give you adviece take this love quiz why because you might be in love and might not even know.

Created by: keshanna
  1. have you asked this boy out yet?
  2. do you like him or dose he like you?
  3. do you guys have a lot or a little in common with each outher?
  4. have you guys dated before?
  5. are you guys still in the friend zone?
  6. do you thaink about him a lot (24-7)?
  7. do you guys talk in a hi bye kind of relationship?
  8. do you know his best friends?
  9. do you have his phone number?
  10. has he ever kissed you?

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