How To Tell If A Boy Likes You

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Are you sick of wondering if a certain boy likes you or not? If you are, then this is the right quiz for you! This quiz is perfect and reliable! It will help you find out if he likes you or not...or better yet...loves you!

Are you liked by a boy? Are you? Huh? If you are wondering if a boy is falling for you, then I highly reccomend you take this quiz. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Also, it used to have more questions, but I deleted them because they were useless. Anyway, good luck!

Created by: Angela
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  1. Do you have a feeling that the boy likes you? If you do, then it is usually true.
  2. Has he ever stared at you? If so, how long?
  3. Have you ever caught him flirting with other guys? If so, then he does not like you and is gay.
  4. Has he ever tried to be near you?
  5. Has he ever helped you pick up a book you have dropped, or anything else like that?
  6. Has he ever asked you out?
  7. Has he ever done something funny which made everybody laugh, and then glanced at you to see if you laughed too?
  8. Has he ever tried to act cool around you?
  9. Does he ever say bad words whenever he is near you? If so, then he is trying to impress you.

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