How to make cute cartoon cupcakes

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Can you draw cupcakes like me? Just follow these easy step-by-step drawings and you too can be a master cupcake cartoonist like me! Have heaps of fun!

Oh, before you skedaddle, the things you need are : a regular pencil, coloured pencils, felts, crayons, a rubber and most importantly a piece of paper.

Created by: Siennaloves1D

  1. Step 1: Draw a straight horizontal line near the bottom of your paper, then draw a diagonal-ish line going up from the left side of the horizontal line. The line has to be sloped towards the left a bit. On the right side of the horizontal line, you do the same thing, but this time on the right. After that, start from the left, on top of the vertical line, still touching, draw a horizontal line going to the other vertical line. All of these lines are touching.
  2. Step 2: Draw a semi-circle (half a circle) and rub oua bit, near the right side. Draw a circle where you rubbed out, poking out of the semi-circle a bit. When you've done that, draw a curved line, coming up, no longer than 2cm long. Then, put a wavy line through the middle of the semi-circle, like drawing the sea. Underneath it, near the middle, but slightly to the left, draw a circle. If you struggle, trace around a wide pencil. Do the same on the right side.
  3. Step 3: Put a black dot in the middle of each circle and diagonal from it, draw a white circle on the bottom right of the eye, still connecting to the black dot. Do another white dot, on the top-right of the pupil. Do the same for the other eye. Under the eyes, draw horizontal oval, not joined. In between them, draw an upside-down triangle, which is near the bottom. 1/4 of it, on the top of the triangle, draw a straight line going across. On the bottom of it, draw a semi-circle. Now you've completed the face.
  4. Step 4: Now get crafty and creative- colour in everything except for the eyes and teeth (that white line inside the mouth) and add hearts, stars, diamonds and anything you want. Give it to a friend or family and enjoy your creation!
  5. I hope you liked this and you learned something new, too! Bye! Luv yous!
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