How To Know When A Boy Loves You

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Hey, sorry about the ()'s. This quiz will help you find out if a boy loves you or not. You probably think he does love you, or maybe you think he does not.

I highly recommend you take this quiz if you really want to know if he likes you. He might like you. Has he ever stared at you? Has he ever even talked to you, and stutters/blushes when he does?

Created by: Angela

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  1. Has he ever stared at you?
  2. Has he ever blushed at you?
  3. Does he ever follow you?
  4. Does he seem to look at your face when you are near him?
  5. Does he act like you don't exist when you are very close to him?
  6. How much does he talk to you?
  7. Does he ever seem to be where you are?
  8. Does he ever say bad words when you are near him?
  9. Does he try to act funny when you are in the same room, or anywhere else near him?
  10. Do you think he likes you?

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