How to cure boredom and waste a minute of your life!

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Boredom is a curse and you can die from it so if you are bored try this quiz!It really helps!But beware this quiz may waste 1 minute of your life! paragraph two.

But don't worry!This is a fun quiz and I hope you enjoy it but don't be sad if I waste your life because you have got a whole lot of it ahead of you!Do well!

Created by: jenna girl.

  1. Okay,the first question is....
  2. I only made this quiz because I was bored.
  3. Do you know how to waste a minute of your life?
  4. I have just wasted uuuuhhhhmmm.... 4 minutes of my very short life.
  5. What is your gender?
  6. Lalalalalalalalala!!!!Sorry, I am listening to Moztart!
  7. Okay, last question....
  8. HaHa!April Fool!THIS one is the last question:are you sarcastic?
  9. Nooo!This is the last question!
  10. Tricked you!

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Quiz topic: How to cure boredom and waste a minute of my life!